weekend recap

i’m a bit late posting this, but my weekend was so jam packed i just now had the time to upload my pics and put together this post.

the weekend actually felt long for a change. my mother-in-law was in town thursday through sunday morning, and we did a lot of eating – homemade egg rolls, a neighborhood italian restaurant friday night, murhpy’s red hots for lunch, and a delicious homemade dinner of grilled shrimp, mushroom risotto and steak with my favorite mushrooms (recipe to come). we also found time to go to the pool, visit the famous maxwell street market for some flea market shopping and lunch, plant some flowers, prime the kitchen dresser and have a little bbq. phew.

egg rolls



steak dinner

maxwell street market

maxwell street market

framed{i bought another frame. there’s no glass, mat or back, but it was only $2}

homemade tortiallas{homemade tortillas at rubi’s at the maxwell street market}

big planter{the humongo planter i got at joann’s took two bags of soil – and it could use more}

blue planter

{these pots are not my best effort. i picked these ‘shade’ flowers out quickly as there was shrimp in the warm car. i wish i spent more time picking different varieties and fillers. nevertheless, they add a great summery, colorful addition to the patio.}

veggie plants{ryan planted a tomato and a pepper plant}

primed dresser

baby bump{brooke’s baby bump}

how was your weekend?

have a great week!


(sorry if you saw my in-progress post earlier today – i meant to hit save but hit publish instead. hate when that happens! i guess it was a sneak peek into a future post…)


5 thoughts on “weekend recap

    • it is fun–and thus hard to not use it for everything! but i agree, you don’t want over-processed images for all photos–maybe just for normally-crappy iphone ones (in my opinion)

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