i’m an artist

the photography kind of artist. with help from my friend instagram. do you have the instagram app? i’m kind of obsessed. it transforms your ho-hum iphone photos into works of art.

today we had a photo shoot for work at navy pier. it was the most glorious day ever outside, so i went to take a look, snapped some pictures on my phone and ran them through the instagram app for different artistic effects.


ferris wheel original

i’m an artist:

ferris wheel lomo{ka-pow! color saturation!}
{lomo-fi filter}

ferrish wheel nashville{so soft and pretty}
{nashville filter}

ferris wheel hefe{look at that red pop!}
{hefe filter}

ferris wheel 1977{was this taken with film in the 70’s?}
{1977 filter}


swings original

i’m an artist:

swings lomo-fi{lomo-fi filter}

swings apollo{apollo filter}

they also have a tilt-shift filter you can apply. tilt-shift is a type of photography that makes a location or subject look miniature  (go here for some amazing examples). the instagram tilt-shift feature is in no way the real deal, but it adds a nice artistic blur to the photos.

(these pictures are not the greatest example, but you can get the picture. ha.)


flip original

i’m an artist:

flip tilt-shift

flip + tilt-shift + hefe{tilt-shift + hefe filter}


empire original

i’m an artist:

empire tilt-shift

empire + tilt-shift + poprocket{tilt-shift + poprocket filter}

you can either take the photo in the app, or use one from your photo library. after creating your photo masterpiece, you can share directly from the app to twitter, facebook or email. and the best part of this app: it’s free. so we can all be photography artist geniuses, if we want to.

do you use instagram? have any other cool apps i should check out?



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