crushing on campaign dressers

i am (still) on the hunt for dressers. now that i finally found one for the kitchen, i am on the hunt for two more – one for the master bedroom and one for the guest bedroom. and i really, really, really (really) want to find a campaign dresser for one of them (for cheap, yo.)

they’re classic.

white campaign_lonny{via}

side table_bryn alexandra{via}

their metal accents and handles add some bling.

green_emily a clark{via}

small_design sponge{via}

and they look great painted any color.


light blue_pinterest{via}

i actually saw one on craigslist a few weeks back (for $40!), but i wasn’t the first one and of course it sold (i almost cried). i consider it “the one that got away” and i can’t. stop. thinking about it. i was thisclose. i’m still stalking my dear friend craigslist daily, in hopes another will pop up.

dear campaign dresser, won’t you be mine?




9 thoughts on “crushing on campaign dressers

  1. If you ladies find any additional campaign dressers in chicago please let me know πŸ˜‰ I have been looking for an entire year no luck 😦

    • totes! i have found a couple, but haven’t acted quick enough or it wasn’t right…become a craigslist stalker and you will find one, hopefully! will keep my eyes peeled….

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