random friday

1. it’s friday (smile).

2. and i have a half day at work (happy dance).

3. and my sister- and brother-in-law are coming in town for the weekend (leg kick).

4. and i’m off all next week on vacation, getting some things done at home, seeing an old friend, and then joining my family at a lake for several days (back flip).

5. my house is a black hole. so far i can’t find: one shoe (one of my faves and newest), mascara (even though i had used it 24 hours prior) and a key ring with at least 10 (needed) keys on it.

6. if you come over and find any of the above i will give you $5, a cookie and lots of respect.

7. somebody (hint: not me) physically broke the laptop last night, and while another is on order, i’m not sure when i’ll be up and running again, especially with vacation. please don’t forget me while i’m gone.

8. have a great, safe weekend and fourth of july!

fourth of july cake{via}




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