lonny loves {july/august}

so we finally received the new laptop, and the keyboard doesn’t work. grrrr. so posts i had planned (update on my dresser, 4th of july, vacation and craigslist buys) are still delayed while i wait for a laptop to edit photos (and write posts).

but in the meantime, here is some eye candy courtesy of the latest issue of lonny.

black office

this room can’t be more opposite of what i currently like – white and airy – but i’m drawn to it. masculine but with a feminine chandy – love.

dark office_bathroom
again, so dark! but yet so glam. and i’m loving the gallery wall in the bathroom.

black & white

black and white is such a classic color combo. i especially love this idea of two garden stools for a nightstand.

living room
this living room is bright, airy, girly and glam. but there’s not too much of any of those attributes (my favorite ones), so it’s well balanced.

pool cabana
sigh. what i wouldn’t give to be there right now. i’m sure you know my favorite element – the chandeliers.

have you read the latest issues? did you find any inspiration?



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