west elm fall collection

one of my favorite stores to shop is west elm. well, i guess it’s more like window/virtual shopping. because although they have super cute stuff that isn’t too expensive, i haven’t actually had the dough or the need (when i have the dough) to buy much stuff there. except for my new sheets and duvet cover. but. a girl can look. and fold down the corners of pages in the catalog. and pin it to her ‘to buy‘ board (it’s a work in progress).  and eventually, hopefully buy.

anyway. west elm just released their new fall arrivals. and me likey. here are a few things that particularly caught my eye.

dining table

those are some might fine legs. i would buy this except i have my heart set on a farmhouse table made by my husband (some day).


if my husband would stop yelling at me about buying stuff and i didn’t want to try to make my own ottoman/coffee table, i would buy this today.


i have a thing for chesterfield sofas (hello, tufting). and for gray. so i’m digging this updated chesterfield.


i have a hard time finding rugs i like. but i love this rug. i want this rug. hello subtle chevron pattern, you know i love you. i’ve had my eye on this rug in ivory, but this fall it comes in…gray! which is perfect, because i worry about dirt on an ivory rug. dirt is gray(ish), and so is this rug! (although, i just spilled milk on our current, nasty rug the other night, and milk mixes with ivory. hm.) it’s also on sale right now so i really, really want to buy this.


yes please. i want to go buy this right now for the gallery wall i need to get moving on or for the guest bedroom. at $99 it’s not cheap, but it’s not expensive, so i’m having a hard time pulling the trigger. potential  birthday present?

do you love west elm as much as i do? or what are your go-to stores shopping…or virtual shopping?


p.s. west elm and benjamin moore have a $15,000 sweepstakes going on right now. i’m entering daily (if i remember) and crossing my fingers that i’ll finally win something! you should enter too–or not, since that lessens my chances 😉

p.p.s. we received a second keyboard, and it doesn’t work still. boooooo.


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