you guys, a photo of mine is featured in the pioneer woman’s phone photo contest! the pioneer woman is like, the god of blogging and photos and food, and i’m over the moon. i’m sure i won’t be a finalist, let alone the winner, as there’s so many great photos, but still, the pioneer woman likes my photo, she really likes it!


just had to share!

i’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) to share the weekend…and finally the fourth, vacation and all of that good stuff to follow! (yes, the computer works!)



4 thoughts on “omg

  1. Justine! that is awesome! do you like submit photos to her or somthing? how did she find it! p.s. i want to see some vacation pictures on fb or somthing soon! or id like some hard copies for our boating board please?

    • thanks! yes, you submit them to her flickr group. so she didn’t ‘find’ me, but she saw and she liked! and i know, i’m working on it. i finally got a computer but last night i had problems uploading photos…ugh! hopefully i can figure out the issue soon!

  2. congratulations!!! All your shutterbugging is paying off!! You’re very talented, although I’m just a bit biased being your mom and all…

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