weekend recap {it’s getting hot in here}

holy heat batman. it’s an inferno outside.  there was a lot of sweating going on this past weekend with lots of time spent outdoors (i should weigh myself to see much water weight i lost).

friday was date night and we went to a byob thai restaurant in the ‘hood and sat outside on the patio. it was close and the food was good, so we’ll be back!

mini egg rolls{mini egg rolls – cutest thing ever! (finger for size comparison)}

saturday we had friends over for dinner and i got lots of cuddles in with my favorite little lady delainey. i wish i took more pics, but talking got in the way! unfortunately the night ended sooner than expected as delainey got sick and was taken to the hospital. luckily it seems to have been just a virus and she’s doing much better, but they were in the hospital until this afternoon since dehydration can happen quickly with a baby that’s only 15 pounds. i’m so glad she’s ok!

lainey{she’s such a cutie!}

mel & jeff

sunday it was hotter than h-e-double hockey sticks and so we hit the beach. thanks to fritz schlepping a huge tent from the car to the beach we had quite the set up! we followed the beach up with a small bbq at our place, complete with dogs, darts, bags and ryan’s famous ribs (and sweat).

heavy load

beach set up


choco taco{choco taco from the ice cream man was a nice cool treat}

darts{i totally lost at darts, but i was the first to close out the bulls eye!}


chrissy flying

chrissy loves bags{crissy loved the bags and tried to help out by removing one color from the board and knocking the other in}

cody{poor cody}

how was your weekend? hope it was a good one!



2 thoughts on “weekend recap {it’s getting hot in here}

  1. Delainey’s adorable!! What a cutie-pie! Are Jeff and Melissa in baby heaven? Was that the 1st trip the emergency room for them? That’s always scarey but better to be safe.

    • isn’t she? i want to steal her, but of course melissa and jeff want to keep her, darn. it was her first sickness and er, so they were very nervous–though i think at first ryan was the most concerned!

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