hindsight is 20/20

i couldn’t decide what to name this post:


weathermen can suck it

i should become a weatherman because you don’t have to know what you’re doing but you make good money

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy god whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

i’m so stupid

ok, they’re crappy, but they’re what i came up with at 4am, laying in bed soaking wet, trying to fall back asleep. that sounds kinda bad. but there’s a story.

it starts off with craigslist stalking. and then ryan and i borrowing a friend’s ginormous tahoe (thanks again fritz and holly!) and driving to highland park last night. to take this baby home:

dresser(craigslist photo. no, i do not own stuffed animals.)

a campaign dresser! for me! just what i wanted!

the next part of the story involves being locked out when we dropped it off at home (since our keys were with our car at our friend’s house). so we put it on our patio, dropped the tahoe off, picked up our keys & car and made it back home. we considered moving the dresser to the basement, but since it was 10pm, it was really heavy (i already used all my strength carrying it out of the house, into the car and out of the car), and there was no rain in the forecast, it stayed on the patio.

3:30am. i was awoken by thunder and lightning. and rain like this:

downpour{via google images}

aka heavy downpour. aka raining cats and dogs. aka potential death of my dresser.

sh*t. i ran to the basement to find something, anything to cover the dresser  (even though it was already soaked. i was half asleep and ryan wasn’t getting up to move it inside). i found my drop cloth that claims it’s waterproof and another cloth slated for the garbage pile. i ran outside, spent forever trying to get the dang drawers in the dang dresser because they just. wouldn’t. fit. finally they went in and i covered it (just the bottom part of the dresser, mind you. the top piece wasn’t as loved), but not before i looked like i jumped in a pool in my pajamas.

when i checked the dresser this morning (after hardly any sleep because i couldn’t fall back asleep),  the news wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good. it was filthy. the back was warped (which can easily be fixed, and, it’s the back). and there was some puckering of the laminate on the drawers. it wasn’t in the best shape to begin with and i was going to paint it anyway, but i may have more work than i thought. you know what i hate more than work? more work.



dresser puckering

in hindsight, i should have taken the drawers into the basement during the downpour. in hindsight, i should have brought the dresser in the basement in the first place. even though there was no rain in the forecast.

lesson learned: move the sh*t inside because weathermen suck and you need to plan for the worst.

anyone else do something dumb lately? or get caught in the rain? or on a positive note, finally find what you’ve been looking for?


p.s. it’s been sitting outside in the 95 degree heat drying today, and ryan says it’s looking better, so we shall see. i’ll keep you updated on the tales of the campaign dresser as i make progress. first will be cleaning. then repairing. then figuring out what color (that may take a while). then removing the hardware for cleaning. then priming. then painting. then poly-ing. ummm, don’t hold your breath 🙂


3 thoughts on “hindsight is 20/20

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    • yes, it ended up being ok – not perfect, but still good. however, my paint job is another, long story. i used a spray gun for the first time, and had many frustrations and it’s less than perfect. i started writing a post about it, but never got around to finishing it. maybe some day 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

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