finally: weekend recap {fourth of july}

yeahhh…the fourth was like, 3 weeks ago. shame on me. i blame my lateness on waiting for a working laptop. and…life. anyway. here we go! lots and lots of pics!

my sister-in-law and her husband came in town to party, and party we did. there was dinner and drinks at a neighborhood bar friday night, fireworks, horse racing and betting at arlington park saturday and a big bbq at our place on sunday. plus pool time and a craigslist pickup thrown in there (thanks again for the muscles and the car, sarah!). we had so much fun and wish we could live closer together.

sar & i


ry & mike



sar & mike

ry & i arlington


girls at arlington

brooke & john

fireworks{i always take soooo may pics of fireworks. why? and then i do nothing with them}



paxton & crissy


model{sarah made me model my strawberries. dork.}

beck{sarah was an art director that night}

crazy beck{we should call him cujo}

jello shots

fritz & paxton



laughing{something must have been really funny}

straw pretzel salad is #1{sarah enjoyed my strawberry pretzel salad. which didn’t turn out as planned, but still tasted delicious}


we said goodbye monday morning (well, i said it in my head and later in a text, since i was hungover in bed still) and then ryan and i hit the beach with some friends. that night we had plans to bbq but couldn’t seem to get off the couch. leftovers to the rescue!

beach crew


strawberry shortcake treat

ry & i at beach

i told you it was a lot of pictures! and that’s not even all of them…the more embarrassing-had-to-be-there ones didn’t make the cut.

one catch-up post down…a couple to go (um, let’s not even mention my vacation over memorial day. no promises there).



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