weekend recap

so it’s monday. again. i wasn’t going to do a weekend recap because there isn’t much to report on and there’s a lack of photos. but, i did want to give a movie recommendation and didn’t think it warranted its own post. so here’s the short and sweet (and boring?) recap.

friday night we saw horrible bosses. omg. hilarious. all star cast. great plot. go. see. this. now. i don’t think we’ve laughed that much since the hangover.

horrible bosses

saturday was running errands. beck tagged along for some of them so he could get his nails clipped. i think he felt ripped off when we didn’t have time to bring him to the dog park (he hates the car and nail clippings), but he enjoyed sticking his head out the window. it’s such a dog cliché and i love it.


my parents stopped by so my dad could see our new place and we had a nice bbq. later we  went to a going away party and played some beer pong, and then made our way to a bar. apparently i drank waaay too much since i didn’t get off the couch on sunday until 7pm. i hate when that happens. i had big plans – dog park, painting frames, painting artwork, trader joes and sewing. and none of those got done. i feel the worst about no dog park though.

girls in black{rita, tory and i in our black dresses}

tory and i{losing beer pong partners}

(let’s not discuss how my arm is double the size of tory’s. she’s such a skinny mini.)

so that was it. told you there wasn’t much to say. except seriously, go see horrible bosses.

how was your weekend? hope you had a good one.



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