summer vacation 2011

after the fourth of july we headed to lake delavan, wisconsin where my family was vacationing.  it was marvelous. we did a bunch of relaxing, boating, tubing, drinking, eating, skiing, ski bobbing, reading, playing games, jet skiing, sunseting, lounging…you get my drift. lots of -ing. my kind of vacay. beware: lots and lots of pics (and these are edited down. yikes).


parents sunset



{skibobbing faces crack me up}



{i love wipeout photos}

tiny justine

{look, there’s me when i was younger! hot haircut}

{my sister’s boyfriend…with a fabulous hat}

{can you tell i love wipeout/face shots? priceless}


{winning washers team. i love this photo. i think i’m going to frame it}

{beck involuntarily went swimming}

{little jilly came to visit}

are you still there? kudos to you if you are, and you’re not my mom or sisters.

as you can see, we had fun (maybe too much based on my tiredness when coming home?) can’t wait to do it again.



2 thoughts on “summer vacation 2011

  1. It’s amazing how well you capture the moments!!! You’re a fabulous photographer and daughter! Soooo creative! I’m really proud of you. I know I haven’t said it enough but I truly am. Love you…

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