why i don’t love today:

1. headache from lack of sleep. that was quite the angry storm last night. i jumped from the thunder. it sounded like death for either houses or people (fortunately i don’t think it was).

2. doctor’s appointment. i dislike going to the doctor (who doesn’t?).

3. work. obvi.

4. the awful humidity. gross.


why i love today:

1. i had my favorite breakfast! dunkin donuts everything bagel with chive cream cheese and a medium caramel coffee with skim milk and sugar.

2. it’s friday for me!

3. i’m going to trader joe’s tonight! (it’s been way too long)

4. project runway premiere’s tonight!


how’s your thursday going so far? will you be watching project runway too?


p.s. i have my vacation post allllmost done, so hopefully i’ll be posting it later today. beware: i had a hard time not choosing photos, so there are lots.


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