weekend recap {book club & bbq}

happy monday all. is that an oxymoron? can mondays be happy? anyway. since it’s monday, you know what that means–the weekend is over and i’m back with another riveting weekend recap ๐Ÿ˜‰

my weekend started thursday night since i had friday off of work. i baked. and i baked. and i baked. by the time i was finished at 1am ( i had a late start) i had 79 mini cupcakes. 79! i was going for about 50, but the batter i made went a looong way.

79 cupcakes

{79 homemade funfetti mini cupcakes}

friday i took a trip to ikea, cooked and hosted book club (or as holly said, “it should be called wine club”). it was fun! we had lots and lots of food, lots of homemade pink sangria (amazing), lots of wine and cupcake fondue.



cupcake fondue


{tara the hand model. the strawberry frosting with coconut was the winning combo}

saturday morning holly and i braved the heat and our hangovers and headed to the randolph street market. amazeballs (i will have to do a separate post about that). i frosted and decorated the leftover cupcakes for a friend’s bbq. at the bbq we enjoyed fritz’s amazing pulled pork (started and tended to overnight – such devotion fritz has to his pork), games and paxton snuggling. later we headed over to the southport festival for a great cover band and then to our usual bar, toons. there was also some late-night hot tub action, though it was more like cold tub.

pink cupcakes




new shoes

{my new shoes. overall very comfortable – but not for 7+ hours and lots of walking. hello huge blisters.}


fritz bbq


model tim

{tim was in a modeling mood. i told him i would share with the internets and he busted this move.}

sunday ryan and i went to wishbone for a delicious breakfast and then hit the pool. the rest of my day was spent putting up my new gallery wall and working on my pinterest challenge project (more on that tomorrow).


egg lights

{don’t you love their egg lights?}

gallery wall preview

{preview of “the gallery wall”}

there you have it. the last weekend of july 2011. can you believe it’s august? (my birthday month!) geez louise the summer is flying by. how did you spend your last weekend of july?

and to end this post, here’s one more photo, of my favorite subject. this is beck in ‘his room’ (the guest bedroom) where he spends lots of time napping on the pillows. and looking so frickin cute resting his head on his paw and looking at me with his big eyes thatย  i have to run and get my camera.





6 thoughts on “weekend recap {book club & bbq}

    • it is MY birthday month, though several other important people’s bdays have the honor of sharing the month with me ๐Ÿ™‚ yes, i did omit the weird company. wasn’t sure how to phrase it ๐Ÿ™‚

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