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last week young house love, bower power, making a house a home and style by emily henderson (all blogs i follow and love) threw down a pinterest challenge. the idea was simple: make something inspired by something you pinned. being that a. i’m obsessed with pinterest and b. it’s great motivation, i took on the challenge.

i bought a couple frames in my recent flea market excursions for my planned gallery wall. i refreshed them with some paint and gold leaf, but needed to fill them. when the pinterest challenge was thrown down, it was the motivation i needed to bring out my inner artist and try to make my own art.

my inspiration:


lyrics/quote artwork by me oh my. simple, graphic and meaningful.

instead of a piece of wood i picked up a thin canvasย  that would fit perfectly in one of my frames.


then i had to decide what lyric or quote i wanted to paint. after a debate (with myself) i chose lyrics from mine and ryan’s first dance, one of my favorite songs ever.

with that settled, i got to work painting the canvas, choosing a dark blue background for my white lettering. i mixed a custom color with my acrylics, but if i were to do this over, i would have chosen a color straight-from-the-bottle, or even a latex wall paint (for thicker, even coverage) since i had to go back and remix a few times to cover the canvas, resulting in a “dimensional” background. which i like fine. but again, next time i know.

for my lettering, i used painters tape as a guide for a straight line. i tried to write my letters in pencil first but it didn’t show up, so i just winged it. since i wanted my lettering aligned to the right, i worked backwards to ensure enough space.

here she is:


oh, i also added a heart made of gold leaf. i think it’s my favorite part.


it’s not perfect, and i wish i had cooler handwriting and wrote smaller, but i think it turned out well.


i hung it up in my new gallery wall, and it made me love it more.

on the wall

it was a great addition to the love fest of my wedding happening in the gallery (along with a few other non-wedding pieces). i’m also love love loving my gold leafed frame.

gallery wall

obviously my gallery wall isn’t complete (hi empty-frame-that-i-need-to-repaint-still-so-i-can-frame-my-purchased-print and blank-canvas-for-my-next-diy-art-project), but the pinterest challenge helped me get that much closer. so thanks katie, sherry, emily and lana for the motivation. i will unveil the completed gallery wall…when i get around to finishing it. i might need another pinterest challenge….

have you diy-ed your own artwork? it’s kind of intimidating, but i find it relaxing, and the result is personal. did you take on the pinterest challenge? let me know so i can take a look!



40 thoughts on “pinterest challenge

  1. love, love this idea (and the quote you chose)… but i don’t get what a “pinterest” is? what does it mean to make something inspired by “something you pinned”?…

    regardless- i am hoping to (finally) have a new apartment soon and put some of the ideas you’ve posted about to good use!

  2. Just saw your post via the YHL Pinterest challenge. Great job! I love how it turned out. And it seems so doable! I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to pin your on my page…just one more thing to attempt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I feel like we have a lot of the same inspirations! I did my own versions of the following pins (some with more success than others) and will be writing about them on a blog I’m editing for my agency (

    Yours turned out great! Next time you’re in NYC you’ll have to stop by the Brooklyn Flea. Seriously amazing stuff, though the shipping costs might outweigh any sort of deal you get ๐Ÿ™‚

    • omg those shooters are hilarious, love them. and the other projects are fab – can’t wait to read about them! brooklyn flea may get dangerous…i will have to shop carefully, because you are right, shipping will be crazy ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love this! I also love Pamela’s (@PBJstories) she did something with lyrics too but yours is much easier…I may have to pin you’re project when I get home ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thank you catharine! and omg, i do not remember that friends episode, even though i was obsessed with friends! i will have to look it up and watch it….

  5. Love this! Definitely a must try. I have some fun silver leafing supplies I’ve been wanting to try. How did you gold leaf the little heart? ~Shannon A ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thanks! i drew a heart with my gold leaf adhesive, then placed the gold leaf on top, brushing off the excess – it only stuck to the heart! (make sure your paint is completely dry).

  6. I really like this! When am i ever going to get a chance to see this gallery in person?! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it looks awesome though Justine!

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  13. I love this! I think the contrasts in the paint give it texture and dimension. Plus who doesnt have a personal relationship with this song?! Its fabulous! I made it the background on my phone and shared it out on facebook. Kudos!

    And the heart is gorgeous!

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