randolph street market

over the weekend my friend holly and i went to the randolph street market. it was our first time and it. was. awesome.

we walked in and headed to the atm since we both had no cash. what were we thinking? let’s blame it on the wine hangovers. at the atm we both looked at each other and fretted about how much money to take out – there was just too much great stuff we passed by, and we had only walked to the atm.  uh oh.

the flea market had so much stuff, from the weird…


to the artistic…

heart of bottlecaps

to the diy-inspiring…

chalkboard frames

to the rustic industrial…

rustic industrial coffee table

to the expensive.

shelving unit

(this booth had awesome stuff. and they knew it. i believe the rustic industrial shelving unit was almost $900?)

these huge mirrors were awesome. i wanted one for over my couch, but i didn’t take out $500 from the atm. annnd i wasn’t about to, boo.


i loved this bag. maybe because my favorite thing about lake michigan is that it’s not salty? i dislike salty ocean water. i’m bummed i didn’t pick one up.


holly bought this purdy mirrored tray for $17.

mirror tray

i almost bought this mirror on sale for $25. i stared at it for a good 5 minutes but ended up walking away. it was hard.


but i did buy this stool to serve as a side table next to the chair in my living room. i haven’t decided what i will do to the top yet (it’s a dirty, discolored white leather now). will let you know!


i also bought this little piano bench to use as a side table next to the couch. on sale for $10!  this little lady will be given a makeover to turn into the beauty i know she is.

piano bench

this was the third flea market i’ve been too, and i’m hooked! they can be hit or miss, but this one had more hits than misses. the next one i want to get to is the kane county flea market, i’ve heard it’s amazing. the only “problem” with flea markets are their low prices – it’s so hard to not buy everything!

i highly recommend going to the randolph street market the next time around – the next one is august 27 & 28. will you go? have you gone before? any others i should make it to? would you have bought that crazy fake grass and flower filled ottoman?




6 thoughts on “randolph street market

  1. personally thought that ottoman crazy grass filled thing was probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in a very long time. I’m disappointed in your poor choice of judgment, and not buying it!

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