recipe reco: easy parmesan baked tilapia

i have proclaimed my love for jessica at how sweet it is before. she got me to eat salmon (and actually kind of like it) and she amazes me with the number of mouth-watering recipes she produces. if i made every recipe i saved from her i would have to quit my job and cook morning, noon and night for months straight and then go buy myself and ryan a new, larger wardrobe.

my newest obsession of hers is actually kinda healthy! sure it has butter and cheese, but in moderate portions and it’s fish. i have made jessica’s parmesan baked tilapia 4 times in the last 3 weeks. that’s probably a record in recipe repeat for me.

parm tilapia

(photo from how sweet it is. mine didn’t look as gorgeous. and my natural lighting sucks. so i borrowed to show the deliciousness).

this recipe was so easy. bake fish fillets with a sprinkle of s&p. spread softened butter mixed with 3 ingredients on top. broil. that’s it!  it requires little ingredients and little time. that’s a winning combination for me.

tip: the recipe calls for thyme but i used fresh basil, and it was delicious. substitute whatever herb is your favorite or have on hand.

tip: don’t forget a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to top it off. it finishes it perfectly.

to those who say cheese doesn’t go with fish (chopped judges i’m looking at you), i say you haven’t tried this recipe. and to those who say you don’t like fish, i say you haven’t tried this recipe. so try it! i hope you enjoy as much as i do!

have a great weekend!



p.s. wordpress says tilapia is misspelled. their suggestion? papilla. and what is papilla? “a small nipplelike projection”. i don’t know what wordpress is smoking.


5 thoughts on “recipe reco: easy parmesan baked tilapia

  1. Ha. Loved your ps at the end. I don’t like fish and think cheese is weird with fish, but MAYBE I will try this recipe.

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