weekend recap {trolley & top golf time}

well well well. another weekend over. here’s some pics (from my crappy camera) from a friend’s surprise birthday party festivities on saturday and some golfing at top golf on sunday. the rest of the weekend included lots of sewing, projects around the house and a sunday night movie night (the lincoln lawyer – good stuff).

balloon drop{balloon drop preparations}

surprise{surprise party entrance}

crissy and chris{birthday girl crissy and chris}

holly and paxton{paxton loved the balloons}

party trolley{our trolley for the night}

party trolley

heffs and stucks

party trolley



shoe microphone{shoe microphone}

bday girl{birthday girl}

hot glasses

ryan golf

justine golf{i am not a golfer and never will be. but top golf was more fun than regular golf, i admit. by more fun i mean it had a tiny bit of fun with a lot of frustration instead of no fun and all frustration.}

brooke golf{our 7 month pregnant friend played too. and was so much better than i.)

after this weekend, i know my next big purchase–a new point and shoot camera. wow these pictures are sad, so sorry. any suggestions?

how was your weekend? hope it was great!



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