tv junkie

confession time: i watch a lot of tv. like, a lot. it’s my way of relaxing after a long day of work or a busy weekend. i’m not completely lazy though, since i’m a great multitasker and can usually be found editing photos, writing a post or doing a new project in front of the tv.

i watch a lot of series, in particular crime shows, but i’m also a big fan of reality tv. not bachelorette or paris hilton’s new bff or who-wants-to-do-brett-michaels style, but mainly cooking shows and home design shows. chopped, next food network star, house hunters international and design star are a few of my faves. and oh my gosh, i can’t forget about project runway, my absolute fave, though it’s not in either of those categories.

since i enjoy so many shows, and dislike commercials (and i’m in advertising!), i think dvr is one of the greatest inventions. anyway, allll of  this was to tell you that…i added a new show to my dvr lineup. home by novogratz on hgtv.

each show is based around a design project the husband and wife team, robert and cortney, take on. they usually have big, bold ideas and are masters at mixing different styles, in particular vintage with modern. while the completed designs are not entirely what i would choose for myself (probably because i was not their client), i love watching the show because they always have fun, take risks and give a huge dose of inspiration.

stairs + living room{via}

yes, i do think i may have to paint stairs in my future and use wallpaper for a fun, bold statement (wallpaper is in now, yo).


hello industrial meets modern meets glam.

dining room{via}

those strips! those huge letters! those chairs!

their portfolio on their website also has some pretty amazing spaces.

living/dining room{via}

gallery wall{via}

gym space{via}

i’m their latest fan. i just can’t get enough of their eclectic, refreshing, bold style, and they make me want to have more fun.

(also, they have seven kids. every time i watch the show, i seem to repeat “seven. seven??” to myself.)

do you watch home by novogratz? are you a tv junkie like me? what are your favorites?



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