weekend recap {birthday edition}

it was my birthday on sunday. i turned the big 2-7. oy. it sounds so much older than 26, and is thatmuchcloser to 30. gulp. i had a great, busy weekend celebrating my birthday with friends and family.

my weekend started friday, as i took off work to work on a couple projects. though i got distracted with my friend’s pool (harris country club), i did manage to finish them! (here’s a sneak peek of one – posts to come)

stool table preview



on saturday i didn’t get to go ‘birthday boating’ as planned since the weather sucked most of the day, but i stayed busy. lots of cleaning. baking cupcakes. making sangria. birthday dinner with the girls (thanks again!). celebrating at my house, and then at a neighborhood bar (and stayed out way to late!).





cupcakes!{crissy bought me amazing cupcakes from dinkel’s. i just ate a leftover–mmmm}

paxton{of course paxton was the life of the party}

beck{beck helped me celebrate too}


ry & i

ryan got me a flip cam for my birthday! so now you will get to enjoy videos as well, i’m sure. here’s my first one. ryan had a little trouble finding candles and improvised with a match for my happy birthday song.

sunday i was treated to breakfast in bed (biscuits and gravy, ryan’s specialty) and then i headed to my friend brooke’s baby shower, complete with fantastic food and adorable gifts (so excited to meet baby jack in less than 6 weeks!). afterwards i headed to my parent’s house where i enjoyed delicious food, drinks, and family time. i also got fabulous presents – lots of cute clothes, my fave!

biscuits & gravy

burp cloth{a cubs burp cloth i made matched brooke perfectly}

brook blanket{the t-shirt blanket i made for baby jack (well, and for the dad too!) tutorial post to come…}


jord & jarrett

mom & i

all in all it was a wonderful birthday weekend. thank you to all my friends and family – and especially ryan – who helped make this old gal feel special.

hope you had a good one too!



3 thoughts on “weekend recap {birthday edition}

  1. happy belated birthday, justine! you’re NOT old, and 30 isn’t so bad! 😉 i’m excited to see your tshirt quilt tutorial as i LOVE those and dream of making one someday! btw – those cupcakes look delish!

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