my forest green thumb

i do not have the greenest thumb. among other things, i have killed parsley, bamboo and a succulent. you barely have to water a succulent, but i killed it.  i have had successes though–growing wheatgrass from seed, basil from seed and (so far) keeping an orchid alive for four weeks (which is a record for me). also? the flowers i planted on the patio two months ago have grown like gangbusters and are looking mighty fine. i am so proud of them.

just planted:

big planter


big planter

the little purple flowers didn’t make it. there was way too much rain for their little bodies to handle. but no matter, the impatiens grew, spread and made up for them.

just planted:

blue planter


blue pot

white pot

i love that vine. i can’t remember what it was called though–anyone know?

i had also planted extra impatiens in pots that been used for holding unused tiki torches and as ashtrays.

tiki pot

other tiki pot

much better now.

when i let beck out in the morning, i love to simply stand and gaze at my lovely flowers. is that weird? i don’t care, isn’t that what flowers are all about? being pretty and making you happy? it’s the simple things in life…

based on this summer’s performance, i found my go-to shade flower–impatiens. they were rock stars. i am so sad for fall to come and these beauties die. maybe i’ll take on mums next?

i think i’m slowly but surely learning my way around a ‘garden’ (and having a ton of rain didn’t hurt). so maybe i have a forest green thumb? something between green and black?

have a great weekend!




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