weekend recap {steak, sweatshop & sunday}

this weekend’s recap brought to you by: my iphone.

friday night we ate a las tablas, a columbian steakhouse, and it was delicious. we had many sangrias and too much food. i had my first yuca and it was surprisingly yummy.



saturday beck and i went to the dog park, and then worked in a sweatshop. kidding, sort of. i didn’t break much of a sweat and was provided with bathroom breaks, portillo’s, wine and a gift bag. for an upcoming promotion we helped stuff, sticker and tag 15,000 bags. 15,000.  unfortunately for my friends we didn’t get through all of them in the eight hour shift (but we did get quite drunk) so they have a bit of work to do this week (i may be bribed with leftover portillo’s).

dog park


stuffing{stuffing station. just finished my first box of 250 bags. only 14,750 left.}

boxes{boxes of bags & gift cards}

made in china


assembly line{the assembly line}


dog party

beck tagged{i got a little overzealous tagging}

fritz bags{in the back…finished bags. in the front by fritz…waiting to be tagged}

bags{where’s tina?}

sunday we went to the pool, ran a few errands, checked out some art at the bucktown arts festival and had a delicious rib dinner (ryan’s specialty).


bucktown arts fest



well that’s that. another weekend over, and we’re that much closer to fall. bittersweet, as summer is the best season in chicago, but i do love me some fall.

did you have a good one?



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