weekend recap {amen for labor day}

there is nothing better than a long weekend. i salute you, labor day, (and my company’s awesome holiday time) for giving me a 4 1/2 day weekend. though i had a cold (in the summer! rude) i managed to have quite the nice weekend.

ryan and i kicked off the long weekend with drinks and, um, 4 kinds of fried food — wings, fried green beans, tator tots and fried mac and cheese (one of the best things on this earth). we blame the two-for-one deal for our piggyness (there were leftovers, thank goodness).

martini{martini’s were on special, too. note to self: you’re not a martini girl. wowzer they’re strong.}

fried food

i have never been more grateful for the invention of air conditioning after friday (aka the hottest and most humid day ever) when i was outside for 8 hours working an event for a friend’s company.

powerwheels{powerwheels for the kiddos at the event. i never saw so many teenagers want to get in a 2 mph car.}

saturday was a bit more relaxing and less sweat-inducing, though my kitchen did get quite hot as i was a baking machine. i had some ripe bananas needing to be used, so i made banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.



banana bread

and then because i hadn’t used enough butter, i made chocolate chip cheesecake brownies topped with trader joe’s fleur de sel caramel sauce (which is out of this world amazing) for a bbq. the bbq was complete with delicious food, beer pong, bags and lots of baby time (of the course the baby was my photo focus).


book time


baby time

paxton and i


book time

sunday i was dragged off the couch to go to top golf again. it was a good time, and my golfing improved slightly, but i was struggling with my cold. that night was spent on the couch watching a movie with the husband who caught my cold.

top golf

brooke & pax


monday i enjoyed the crisp air during a walk around my neighborhood, where i did some shopping, had an outdoor lunch and found my new favorite spot — a by-the-pound candy store. i was in heaven but (slightly) contained myself.
i also finally finished my gallery wall with a silhouette painting of my bestest friend.

mugs{i loved these mugs at anthropologie. but i don’t need more mugs and didn’t know what else to use them for so i didn’t take them home. let me know if you have an idea so i can go back for them}


keep calm



did you have a great weekend? i hope so!

until next time…



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