weekend recap {anniversary & a concert}

this past weekend was a really great one (i know, i always say that. but this was really really was).

saturday we hit the beach to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. it wasn’t beach weather per se, but it was nice to be outdoors. that night we checked out the new top shop store and spent the gift cards we spent a saturday stuffing into bags, and then headed to our old ‘hood to celebrate our anniversary with dinner at mexique (it was tasty, but not enough that we would go back with all the other restaurant options there are).


top shop

second anniversary

creme brulee{special occasions = ordering dessert. creme brulee is my favorite!}

sunday we packed two coolers of food and beer, a table, four chairs, seven bottles of wine and a bag and had an amazing time at ravinia with my parents, listening to the tunes of big head todd and the monsters and john hiatt. the weather was perfection, the music was great, the food was aplenty and the wine was flowing. ravinia is such a great time and highly recommended if you’ve never been!


mom and dad

table set up{ryan made us a ravinia table. he’s got skillz}

the set up



ry and i

mom and dad

the group


wine{keeping it classy with wine in a solo cup, with ice}

napa wine{we finally finished the last of our wine bought on a trip to napa last year}


john hiatt



i took monday off work (i planned ahead for my hangover, thank goodness) and spent the day going out to breakfast, hitting up montrose beach (beck loved it) and spraypainting (though i need another can and it’s not sold in the city. ugh).

bakin and eggs


beck at beach

the best part of three day weekends? only four days of work until the next one!

how was your weekend?



2 thoughts on “weekend recap {anniversary & a concert}

  1. We had an amazing time at Ravinia with you and Ryan! Thank you, thank you!! As Ryan mentioned, let’s make it an annual event! Next time, our treat!

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