anantomy of my gallery wall {gallery wall complete}

gallery walls, gallery walls, gallery walls…i talk about them a lot, i know. but they’re fab, as you know. one of my first projects at my new place was a gallery wall, and you’ve last seen it awaiting final artwork here. drumroll please…it is finally done.

my method for the placement of frames this time was doing the layout on the floor prior. i arranged, rearranged and rearranged some more. i took a picture of it, got a new perspective and then arranged one last time (i have discussed my thoughts on various gallery wall styles and how to arrange here. and i also didn’t follow one of my ‘suggestions’ as all my frames are different and so is what fills them. goes to show you should just do what you love, and ‘rules’ are made to be broken).

wall planning

once satisfied, i hung them on the wall, starting from the middle (big black frame) and moving up, down, and to the sides. to find the placement of my holes for nails, i used a painter’s tape method that was frustrating at times, so i’m not even going to get into it (next time, i will try this trick that i pinned from yellow brick home).

gallery wall - semi complete

some of the frames were refinished before hanging, and some were hung and later refinished (i may do a quick post one day on that). empty frames were filled and artwork was (slowly) completed, and then so was my gallery wall.

gallery wall complete

let’s take a closer look at what fills the frames.

left side

1. love candy blue raspberry silkscreen by made by girl (frame from the maxwell street market)

2, 3, 6. wedding photos

4. van gogh “harvest in provence” print (and frame) from a flea market (had no idea it was van gogh until i took it out to refinish the frame. i was going to change it out, but i like it for now, especially the pop of turquoise that someone seemed to have changed from the original green)

5. silhouette of beck, painted by me the other weekend (i seriously love it. love the pop of yellow. love beck’s little lip. favorite thing in the gallery)

middle section

1. photo taken by me in new york city from ‘top of the rock’

2. my baby

3. original “tree” carved block art by mike ennen

4, 5. wedding photos

right side

1. van gogh “irises” print, from an old calendar

2, 3, 6. wedding photos (i need to change some out for a refresh, after all it was two years ago…but i love them so it’s hard)

4. bird painting, by me last year (i just repainted the background from gray to turquoise, as seen in the second photo, to bring some color and blue to the right side)

5. chicago painting, purchased a while back at the one of a kind show (i can’t remember the artist)

7. sketch from paris, purchased when i was there 12 years ago

8. my pinterest inspired lyrics artwork

gallery wall{view when you walk in. p.s. i am loving the $2 gladiolus from jewel this year}

it’s eclectic and filled with things that make me happy. and it’s easy to change out photos or artwork, or even add new pieces…so this may not be the last time you’ll read about my gallery wall (said in a low, dramatic voice). though you probably hope so 🙂

hope you have a fab weekend.


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11 thoughts on “anantomy of my gallery wall {gallery wall complete}

  1. What a great idea!! I get caught up in thinking that everything has to match my somewhat of a decor. Most of my paintings are done with colors that don’t compliment each other the least bit so I find myself only painting in certain colors. But the idea of a gallery wall is a great idea! That way no artwork is forgotten.

  2. I had no idea that print was from Paris. So cool you kept it all these years.
    Paris is my all time favorite European destination. (Not that I’ve been to that many other European cities). It was such a memorable trip!! Wish I could do it with all my girls… (and my hubby). Love the wall!!!

  3. Wow im really impressed by the silhouette of beck.. are you sure u did that? 😉 just kidding justine but seriously! its great! i love the wall!

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