weekend recap

you know the drill. it’s over. i’m sad. yadda yadda. here’s some pics.

perfect day{saturday was perfect out}

walk{so we took a long walk}

st. alphonsus{gorgeous church in the neighborhood. st. alphonsus}

sneak peek{i worked on projects all day saturday. sneak peak at one above!}

mirror{my mirror finally arrived. part of another project. it’s so gorgeous.}

chili{delicious chili by brooke and john}

oysters{we headed to oyster fest. there was only one tent of oysters. which i found odd for oyster fest. but no oysters for me, thank you}

oysters{oyster cheers}

fest{a couple photo turned threesome}

group{horrible, no good, very bad picture. but i still like it. (i am giving baby jack his first beer)}

we got to the fest in time to see the human league play. don’t know who they are? neither did we. until they played this gem of a song:

beck cuddle{sunday. couch. football. dog cuddling. lots of photo editing. sewing.}

the emmys are on, gotta run (best part of award shows? fashion police the next night!)

how was your weekend?



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