weekend recap {unbuttoning the pants}

this past weekend i didn’t get much done around the house, which is always the hope. i didn’t clean, i didn’t start painting a dresser, i didn’t run the errands i needed to. but i did eat. and eat. and eat. and had good company. so that does make it a successful weekend.

even though i didn’t have a three-day weekend, let’s revisit thursday night when ryan and i went out to dinner to celebrate his birthday (since he was sick on his actual birthday). we went to texas de brazil, a brazilian steakhouse, where ryan had his dream of unlimited meat come true. besides the meat, one of the highlights of the night was the restaurant’s 30 foot tall wine wall with a woman on wires who flies up and down and over and flips to retrieve wine bottles.

meat dinner{meat}

ryan meat{more meat}

wine wall

friday we headed to the burbs for dinner and beer with my parents and brother at two brothers brewing. we stayed for most of the day saturday so we could also fit in lots of jordan activities – risking my life and car with the newly permitted driver (i kid, she’s actually not bad), attending her tennis match (she’s quite the ace) and dazzling her up for homecoming (i was her hairdresser and make up artist). my youngest sis is getting so old!

new driver{watch out!}


jarrett and i






beck's bone

back in the city saturday night, we headed to three aces in little italy and enjoyed some fantastic food and too much wine. you should go there!

pizza{how awesome is this serving platter made out of a tree trunk? diy material!}



after nursing a hangover on the couch, we headed to a friend’s place on sunday to watch the bears lose to the packers. at least there was good company and delicious food, including apples picked that morning, freshly made donuts, wings and a crazy feta dip.

bears party

let’s just say that after this weekend, my pants are fitting a little tight.

in other news, it’s officially fall, and it feels like it here in chicago. we actually turned on our heat this weekend, which is just wrong.

how was your weekend?



2 thoughts on “weekend recap {unbuttoning the pants}

  1. Thank you so much again justine for coming to my match and then staying lator to do my hair and make up! I dont know what i would have looked like if you werent there to help me (mothers skills are hit and miss on some things..) so thank you!

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