weekend recap {gettin er done}

i don’t have much for you in the way of a recap. the weekend was pretty low key (which is always so nice) and i didn’t take many photos, except of some random crap in home goods that i wanted to buy but didn’t and some project and recipe photos.

what i did do is get a lot of my weekend to-do list done. i love making lists because it is so satisfying to check off what you get done. i make lists at work, i make lists for errands and i make lists for weekends when i have a lot to do.

to do list

as you can see i didn’t quite finish all my to-do’s, but i can live with not cleaning the bathroom 🙂

how was your weekend? cross anything off your to-do list?

have a great week.


p.s. if you’re in chicago and haven’t been to dmk burger yet, i highly recommend it. my goat cheese, pickled onion and blueberry bbq sauce burger (beef, not bison as on the menu) was amazing.


2 thoughts on “weekend recap {gettin er done}

  1. I find that I get more done when I write out a list, and it is satisfying to scratch a big line through it when I’m done! I’m glad you had a great weekend; hope the rest if the week is just as good.

    • sooo satisfying! though as you can see, i’m a checker off-er, i’m not sure why. cross off or scribbling out might be even more satisfying, i might have to try it 🙂 thanks so much, i hope you do too!

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