weekend recap {girl time & more}

hello there. i had some vacation time to burn (lucky me) and took today off, so i had quite a nice three day weekend. there was lots of girl time, couple time, friend time and lounging at home time.

friday night was a halloween themed book club, based around the humongous book the historian (i actually finished it, though it was quite the task). it was complete with peanut butter & chocolate cupcakes made by me, other delicious treats, blood punch and bowie, the cutest book club mascot. i love a good girls night.



bowie coat{bowie matched the theme of book club}



group pic 1{a group pic was quite difficult}

group pic 2{try #6}

saturday holly, rita and i headed out of the city for a girls day of thrifting and lunch. in town we happened across a candy store and of course had to stop in to fill up some bags. after we were back in the city we stopped by to see our newest favorite guy, jack. that night ryan and i went out for tapas (my favorite) and then enjoyed a movie on the couch.


resale shop

for sale

raggedy andy



candy shop

me love candy

fur  coat{holly modeling a fur coat for sale}

cute bags {diy-inspiring bags at a store}

aunt rita

jack and i


holly and j

girls and jack

sunday we watched the bears game with some friends and enjoyed some fried chicken for dinner with my parents and brother who stopped by (thanks again!).

bears game

monday was a fairly lazy (but nice) day, but i did manage to have a delicious lunch out with ryan, work on my halloween costume and roast a chicken for the first time (it was delicious). oh, and we finished watching the friday night lights tv series, which was so good, but i’m sad it’s over (can’t wait for the movie of the tv show that was a movie but first a book. what?).


roast chicken

how was your weekend? any recos for a new tv series to start watching? (i’m thinking dexter) here’s hoping for a quick rest of the week…


4 thoughts on “weekend recap {girl time & more}

  1. I love reading your blog, Justine! I wish I was still up there and could be in your book club. Your cupcakes and punch are so fun! I’ve been looking for one down here and can’t find one.

  2. I was looking forward to the cupcake recipe on your blog??? They were fabulous! Just the right amount of peanut butter and chocolate – the perfect balance. The kicker was a peanut butter cup nestled inside of it. Delish!!

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