happy halloween

happy halloween!

as i mentioned before, it’s not my favorite holiday. and when i was asked to be on the halloween party committee at work, i was a bit reluctant. but i agreed, and think the party we threw on friday turned out well and was a blast, complete with good eats, blood punch, a transformed conference room and a scary/halloween movie montage. here’s some pics from the par-tay, as well as my costume reveal!

winner!{my costume – a price is right contestant. i just won a new washer and dryer and am headed to play plinko!}

help control the pet population{don’t worry bob, i help control the pet population}

planners{the party planners}

jwt planners{with a day of the dead girl and amy winehouse}


party goers

package{cavan works in the mailroom – perfect costume!}

hippie and dotd

party goers

steve jobs

drink area


peace man


sumo{sumo wrestler, winner of best costume}

hippie and i

party goers

party goers

amy and price is right

group{a group pic a little late in day, we’re missing people}

that was all the halloween celebrating i did, as the weekend was low key. but we did buy some reclaimed wood for our future dining table, enjoy a delicious dinner out with friends and i did fit in my project for the pinterest challenge (love it! to be revealed wednesday).


how was your weekend? did you dress up for halloween (or are you today)?



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