what i buy {trader joes}

trader joe’s is the bomb diggity. which i’m sure you know. even though there’s one close to me, i don’t get there as often as i would like – maybe once a month or so. sometimes more, sometimes less. but it’s one of my favorite stores. especially because their check-out people are so nice. i’ve never had an unfriendly, untalkative person. have you noticed this?

are you a cart peeper? curious as to what others are buying? i am. i don’t want to miss out on something good! so i wanted to share what’s in my cart every time i go.


cheese. yes, feta, but all sorts. they have the best prices. one visit i bought feta, goat, parmesan and cream cheese. i love cheese.

orange chicken

orange chicken. this was actually the first time i bought it after a recommendation, but i had to include it because it will always be in my cart from now on since it was delicious (and easy to make).


corn and chile salsa. unconventional, but i love it. it’s sweet and spicy. i like to always have this on hand for a quick snack for last-minute guests.

salted caramel

fleur de sel (salted) caramel sauce. i die. this stuff is amazing.

(side story: i even got into an argument with my husband over it. not an argument per se, but a disagreement. because it’s so good (and not expensive, but it’s not free) i got a little possessive and yelled at him when he put it on sherbet. rainbow sherbet. really?! i was appalled that he was wasting it on such a combination. we now have our own caramel sauces.)

spinach artichoke dip

spinach & artichoke dip. sooo delicious. and sooo easy. i always buy a few of these to keep in the freezer for a quick appetizer.


beef steak burritos. these make for such a quick (like 3 minutes in the micro), cheap (hmm, maybe $2.50? but don’t quote me on that) and low-cal (380 calories per burrito) dinner or lunch. i don’t even think they have cheese in them, which is like, crazy, because they are so good. i like to serve with a side of ranch 0r salsa for dipping.

la finca wine

la finca wine. my mom recommended this wine, and it’s now a staple. for $3.99 you can’t beat it (or is it $2.99?? sorry, i went shopping and  took these pics a while ago…bad blogger. either way, cheap but good).

of course this list isn’t comprehensive of everything i buy, but they are definitely my top recommendations and what you’ll find in my kitchen. do you have any must-buys that i’m missing from trader joe’s? please let me know, i’m due to go soon! (today?)

have a great weekend.



6 thoughts on “what i buy {trader joes}

  1. Pot stickers, Pirate Bootie ( which you turned Jordan on to) cracker assortment, red pepper spread, and almost any inexpensive wine that the ‘wine guy’ recommends. I’ll have to try out some of your faves when I go next.

  2. Mediterranean hummus (my friend swears by their white bean hummus; I bought it for the first time but haven’t tried it yet), fondue (theirs is the cheapest box I’ve found and delicious; keeps for a long time), dried green mango (delicious and healthy snack!), paneer tikka masala (for the nights I don’t want to cook). We also went through a huge taquito phase for a while. Trader Joe’s is my favorite- it’s the only place I get cheese from now because it is so much cheaper than other groceries.

    Sidenote: http://blog.cooktj.com/ is great and so is their actual cookbook.

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