happy birthday, jarrett!

happy birthday to the best brother ever, jarrett!

little jarrett

you turning 24 is just crazy. that means you’re old…and i’m really old!

not only old, you are sweet, handsome, silly and hilarious. and you have an elephant’s memory and never let any of us live anything down… for like ever.


i’m very lucky to have you as my brother.

cubs game

i hope you have a wonderful 24th birthday!

and i don’t think i ever posted this, so here’s a (mildly embarrassing) video of us singing the go cubs go song after their win this summer. it was a great night i had with my brother!


p.s. and i know you say “i need new sisters”, but i know you are only referring to jenna and jordan since i’m your favorite đŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “happy birthday, jarrett!

  1. haha jarrett was soo cute in the top picture! what happened? jk! I like how hes flicking off the camera trying to make a W. I wish i was there to celebrate with him since im finally old enough to drink beer. Oh and im his favorite he told me.

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