13 days…

until i host my first. thanksgiving. ever. so i have a to-do list a mile long. some tasks are small…and some are…quite large.

1. build a table. i repeat, build a table. (the wood is purchased and initial cuts are made, but the top has to be built, the legs have to arrive in the mail and it has to be assembled.)

2. finish painting dresser in basement work room so table can be built (primer and one coat of paint are on)

3. build and upholster a dining table bench

4. buy fabric for said bench

5. buy two end chairs for table

6. sew table runner (and napkins if there’s time. let’s just assume there’s no time).

7. figure out menu

8. buy turkey

9. figure out how to make turkey

10. create “tablescape”

11. clean

12. fold and put away the mountain of clothes on the guest bed

13. buy and hang new shade for guest room

14. grocery shop

15. cook!

oh, and we’re out of town this weekend. nothing like cutting it close to put the pressure on!

i think i need to quit my day job to get it all done. but i know it will come together, somehow. and if it doesn’t, the most important part is the company anyway.

are you excited for thanksgiving? stressed? hosting?  just supplying a side dish (or the wine)?

hope you enjoy the weekend. i sure will – and i’m sure i will have no less than 100 photos of my nephew to prove it (and of my sister-in-law’s beautifully renovated house).


p.s. and this means only 14 days until christmas season! (though i adore it, it can not start earlier than the day after thanksgiving thankyouverymuch.)


6 thoughts on “13 days…

  1. Relax, you seem to thrive under pressure. I’ve purchased 1.5 litre bottle of Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio to take the edge off at Thanksgiving. I’m here for any questions or food you might need. Delegate is the name of the game!

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