this and that

-so i was going to do this great weekend recap… it was going to be great because it would have like a million photos of my adorable nephew. but i left my camera in st. louis. (cue sad trombone). soooo, you’ll have to wait until after i get my camera back at thanksgiving for the cuteness.

-the dresser is finally done. well, apart from a couple poly protective coats. i used my new paint sprayer to do it, and i have a love/hate relationship with it. it does an amazing factory-like finish–when you figure out the right balance of how much to thin the paint and how much to spray to not to have drips. let’s just say there was lots of swearing and lots of sanding, and some drips were the devil so a couple drawers are not perfect. but i’m waving the white flag and calling it done. hopefully no one will inspect too carefully. i will share once i have my camera back.

-that means ryan can start our table! this is my inspiration (that i’ve shared before):

farmhouse table inspiration

{amber interiors via pinterest}

we’ll also be building and upholstering a bench, and i bought ghost chairs for a mix of glam and rustic (have to buy the arm chairs this weekend). can’t wait to see my vision come together!

-i bought these on the car ride home from st. louis and am now obessessed.


-because of my mile-long to-do list (of which i’ve completed two things – the dresser and the menu) you probably won’t be hearing a lot from me over the next week. but i will do my best.



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