bench: check

it’s 10:28 pm, my hand is so sore from stapling, my back is killing me and i’m beyond exhausted.

but we can cross another to-do off our list.


{why yes, that is the state of my dining room, 2 days before thanksgiving for 10. no table but we have a bench, two bikes and a dresser).

the dining room bench is a beaut. ryan and i made a great team. and i’m so happy with my fabric choice (looks darker in this pic than in real life; and will be scotch garded).

we do question if the beautiful hairpin legs can hold four people like we need it to (lesson learned: don’t try to go cheap), but we’ll add in temporary support for thanksgiving until we figure out a permanent solution (either an additional leg or two in the middle, or buying thicker/stronger legs).

all that matters right now is that it’s done. and i can go to bed.



5 thoughts on “bench: check

  1. Tina-
    It looks beautiful! However, I will request a chair merely because I do not want to be responsible for breaking the bench if I eat too much turkey. Let’s leave the breaking to the skinny ones this year.
    Can’t wait to see you in a few hours!!!!!!!

  2. Looks fab! Love the material! I hope you won’t have the same problem with the table legs… I’d hate to have to fight the dogs for the turkey and trimmings.

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