thanksgiving recap

ryan and i successfully hosted our first thanksgiving. we survived our to-do list, cooking a thanksgiving dinner for 10 people (with help) and four house guests plus two guest dogs.  and i have to say it was pretty painless, apart from you know, building a table (although let’s be clear, i was not the builder, just the designer and stresser-outer). a huge thanks goes out to all those who helped with everything from finishing the table to setting the table to bringing delicious dishes to doing the dishes. the most praise goes out to ryan though, who built a damn good table (those details to come in a later post). he’s got skills, and he’s all mine.




wendy jimmy



ry and i

sarah and jimmy

mike jimmy

jimmy swing


jord and jarrett

turkey{my first turkey. success!}



sarah jimmy table

placecards{pears spraypainted gold. not for eating.}




gravy boat{my mom’s awesome gravy boat. we never had cold gravy! (pier one)}




jenna jordan

catchphrase{italian catchphrase = catchphrase with an italian accent = hilarious}

beck and i

i wish i got more photos of the food, because it was ridiculously good. i have to admit that my first turkey ever turned out delicious (thanks to the tutorial from bobby flay on the today show thanksgiving morning), though the turkey is probably my least favorite part of the meal – i’m a sides lover. and i got my share with stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and rolls. and let’s not forget the apple pie, pumpkin pie and cheesecake. i’ve been enjoying the leftovers all weekend, and probably will be for the rest of the week too. a slice of cheesecake per day? yes please.  i think i need to start my gym membership….

the rest of the in-laws’ visit we enjoyed some shopping, hanging out and plenty of meals out 🙂 and once the house was silent saturday afternoon, let’s just say the couch and i became best friends.


teeth brushing


play{poufs can be toys too}

us and jimmy

naked baby

jimmy mirror

how was your thanksgiving? hope it was a blast filled with friends, family and way too much food.

i enjoyed hosting and was glad it seemed to go off without a hitch – but next year you’ll find me bringing a side dish or two…



9 thoughts on “thanksgiving recap

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  2. such cute pics of mr. jimmy jam and momma! i have only met him once and need to see that little man again! super cute table setting. can’t believe you got all that done while preggers. you are a saint! (you can tell your hubby i said so). i couldn’t pry myself off the couch the first trimester, let alone keep my eyes open without toothpicks holding them. 🙂
    great job!

    • haha, thanks hannah! it was an uphill battle getting things done, but with 10 people coming over, i did have extra motivation. and jimmy is the cutest – and growing so much – you should plan a get together with sarah.

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