it’s the most wonderful time of the year

it’s officially christmas time in the stuckenschneider household, aka the most wonderful time of the year.


christmas time is simply beautiful, spirits are happy, and the music rocks (though i think those in retail will tell you otherwise). while it would be lovely to have the decorations up all year, it wouldn’t feel so special, so magical.

it’s our first christmas at our new place, and the lighted garland i bought at target this year works perfectly with our carved wood details.


we are a real tree family. though ryan and i don’t go and cut one down ourselves like my family has, for as long as i can remember, we do pore though the trees at the hardwood store to find “the one”. fraser firs are where it’s at, and this year’s comes in at about nine feet tall. though not as full as we prefer, this one fits perfectly in our living room corner.

getting the lights on the tree is the worst part, in my opinion. somebody doesn’t help much, so i have to climb up and down a step stool over and over again. this year it probably took me an hour and three rearrangings of the lights. we have three strands of lights for the tree, but next year i’ll add a fourth. and the star at the top bugs me, it’s so hard to get straight. i’ll be on the hunt for a new topper during the post-christmas sales this year.

the tree is filled with ornaments i have bought after the season is over (at 75% off), gifted ornaments and a few that have been passed on. i have a loose white, silver and purple theme, brought about by the purple and silver tree skirt i bought last-minute for our first tree. my favorite ornaments vary by year, and this year i seem to be drawn to my animal ornaments. let’s take a tour of the tree.

i die for these tiny (about 1 1/2 inches) animal ornaments i picked up last year at macy’s – there’s a raccoon, owl, hedgehog and squirrel.



this larger white owl is bea-hoot-iful.


i think this was another macy’s purchase (i go every year with my family post-christmas for ornament purchasing), and the glass body is filled with feathers.


yet another macy’s purchase, and an animal, this deer is so fragile but i hope she lasts forever.


these small, shatterproof, glitter balls by martha stewart are always my fave. there’s two shades of purples and two shades of silver, perfectly fitting my color scheme.

purple ball

on the sentimental side, ryan’s aunt gave us this ornament after ryan’s dad passed away two years ago.


can you see this teeny tiny angel? we got a bunch of sterling silver ornaments passed down from ryan’s grandma, and this is my favorite of the bunch. it’s probably less than an inch tall.

tiny angel

i can’t explain my love for these plain black balls (that sounds kind of bad, huh?), but i absolutely love them.

black ball

then there’s ryan’s ornaments. he complains that they don’t get front-tree billing, but i’m sorry, no. plastic sports ornaments just don’t get a place of honor. can’t he see my vision?? if someone sneaks behind the tree they can view them from there šŸ™‚ this year he did get one at the front, after all his complaining…but it’s at the bottom.

yuck{this one has the added bonus of making noise. no thanks.}

can you blame me?

so that’s christmas tree 2011! i’m so excited to add presents under the tree, but as of now, with 25 days until christmas, i have exactly one present bought.

do you have your decorations up yet? how are you doing on your present list?



16 thoughts on “it’s the most wonderful time of the year

  1. Your tree looks great! I don’t think you should change anything about it. I love the garland too.
    I am finally working on starting a blog- I have been wanting to for years but yours inspired me!

  2. Your tree is lovely as usual. I’m so jealous you actually have a theme, even if it’s a loose one. I’m hoping that some day all of the ‘after Christmas’ Macy ornaments we’ve been purchasing will crowd out the other lame ones. I’m not sure you could call that a theme but that’s about as close as I’ll ever get to having one. Of course, we had a little set back last year when the tree fell over twice and broke some of our faves. Slim pickin’s tree hunting this year although we managed to get our fattest tree yet. Let’s hope this one stays standing…

  3. So, so pretty, Yes…We have fishing, golf and USC football ornaments.(3 in all) They are towards the back of the tree too. Poor guy, but I work so hard and so long to decorate our Christmas tree so I think my pretty ornaments should get front and center…Merry Christmas. šŸ™‚

    • amen! so glad i’m not the only one. also – the other day, found one of my husbands ornaments front and center – like i wouldn’t notice! šŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas to you!

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