weekend recap {cool stuff}

hello. how was your weekend? i had lots of girl time and did some out-of-ordinary and ordinary things, all much enjoyed. my iphone documented my activities.

friday night was…book club! we had delicious food, great conversation and stuffed some ‘stockings’ with goodies for soldiers overseas.

bowiebowie the book club mascot in his christmas sweater




saturday my friend holly invited me to “the ultimate french pastry experience” at the french pastry school and it. was. awesome. what a unique, fun experience. first we got a tour of the school and saw amazing cakes, sugar and chocolate work – in real life, as opposed to on the food network. then we got fresh croissants (my first since i was in france 12 years ago) and had national pastry champions demonstrate how to make various desserts, like delicate tuile and grand marnier salted caramel inside a chocolate shell. and the best part was we got to try them. again, it was like the food network come to life. it was well worth having to set my alarm on a saturday.


fancy stuff_tour


cooking{tuile forming}


we also got a goody bag! it was filled with fresh baked bread, muffins, biscotti (i think?), candies and caramelized hazelnut, dark chocolate and fleur de sel spread (!).

goody bag


afterwards we headed to the one of a kind show. it’s in my work building, so i’ve been to it a few times, and it never disappoints. i usually spend the most money in the food section, and this year was no exception. there were so many talented artists there, and it was hard to not buy everything in sight. if i were to buy an original piece of art, i would save my pennies for lisa swerling’s glass cathedrals. so clever and super unique. seriously, check them out (though they’re even better in person)…and then buy me one, mkay?


tshirts{loved these shirts so much i picked up the illinois one. and put it on when i got home.}


etsy row

tree stumps{i will also take the stump painted silver, if you’re feeling generous}

yum{one of my food purchases. amazing.}

cheese{i always buy this cheese. so good.}

lunch{lunch of my fresh baked bread topped with the chocolate spread and cheese curds. well balanced.}

that night we enjoyed delicious food at frasca with friends and rented crazy stupid love (rent it).




bundled up


sunday i finally got some christmas tasks done: shopping, wrapping and addressing cards.



and now it’s monday. but i do have a four day week only, due to having to use up vacation time. i don’t mind 🙂

hope you have a great week.



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