our latest project

we’ve been secretly working on a new project. it’s a big one. huge, really. and i’m happy i can finally let you in on our “project” that has been in the works for about 13 weeks now:

pee stick(of course i took a picture of my pee stick, did you expect anything different?)

this project is expected to be completed june 15. i know it will be the best, most rewarding one yet. and also the most difficult 🙂

i have been waiting my whole life to be a mom, and am so ecstatic, but so far, 13 weeks in, i’ve realized that with pregnancy you have to just keep waiting for the rainbow at the end of the storm (and i know, it won’t be all rainbows when they finally arrive either. but please accept one of the only analogies i’ve ever used). if you haven’t experienced pregnancy yet, let me tell ya, the first trimester is the pits. first there was acne (which luckily only lasted for a couple weeks). then came the morning sickness, NOT just in the morning, which is juuuuust great. luckily i never puked, but instead of getting hungry i got nauseous. recently i haven’t had much morning sickness, so hopefully i’m over that hurdle (or i have just trained myself to keep eating and i don’t even notice it. yikes!) and then there’s the exhaustion, which to me, is the absolute worst. 3pm hits and i have to fight to keep my eyes open. once i get home from work i have so little energy, i do little other than sit on the couch and get into bed at 9pm. i owe beck a lot of walks and ryan actual homemade dinners when i finally have energy.

now i know why pregnant people always try to convince others to get pregnant too (like right there, on the spot) – so they have someone to commiserate with (and not get drunk with!). husbands…are not so good at understanding, really understanding (like not saying you should join a gym when you say you just feel so fat). so those who could/should be commiserating with me? please ignore the last paragraph and get knocked up, thanks 🙂

also – having a mile-long to-do list and hosting thanksgiving while 11 weeks pregnant? pretty positive that will never happen again. i spent two+ days on the couch afterwards.


i can’t wait for more energy. i can’t wait to find out the sex (yes, we’re finding out) and i just. can’t. wait. to meet this little bambino. i’ve never been good with patience though. at least i will have lots of projects to prepare for their arrival in the meantime.


p.s. maybe when i get my energy back i’ll be able to play blog catch-up? i have lots of posts awaiting picture editing, picture taking and writing. or maybe i’ll just post crappy photos and little writing 😉


14 thoughts on “our latest project

  1. The bestest project ever!!!! Can’t wait to be a Gi gi,Di Di, Gma, Nonney, or whatever other creative name I can think of for Grandma (it just sounds so old). I’m open for suggestions… (much to my family’s chagrin)

  2. that’s so exciting! I saw pics you posted of hanging out with other people’s babies and i was thinking ‘i don’t know these people, but they should have babies.’ congratulations.

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