weekend recap {sugar high}

let’s do this. here’s some pics of my weekend.

salted caramels

packaged caramels


paulina and brooke


holly and jack

brooke and jack

dessert{peppermint ice cream with chocolate and faux thin mints. yum!}

girls dessert

boys{while the girls eat dessert, the men play with the baby}

peppermint bark brownies{peppermint bark brownies}



meg and i{great party host and longtime friend, meghan}

ry and i

men{my men}

car bombs


project{ornament project inspired by pins from young house love and i heart}

complete project

there was candy making (3 kinds, plus brownies), including my favorite salted caramels. a fondue party. a christmas party. and a sunday of more candy making, an ornament craft project, the bears (let’s not talk about it) and staying in pajamas all day long. oh, and pizza for dinner, making it pretty much the best day ever for this pregnant lady.

how was yours?



One thought on “weekend recap {sugar high}

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