mirror mirror on the wall

eons ago, or more like a couple months ago (but seems like eons), i made a couple additions to my living room. mirrors!

i had a huge blank wall above my couch and needed to fill it. it’s one of the many blank walls in my house, but it was the one i saw the most often and it drove me nuts every time  i looked at it. one day my dad was over, and i was complaining about how little natural light we get in our place. he said we should get a mirror to bounce light, and the idea was planted in my head.

instead of getting one large mirror though, i got three.


the large white wicker one i’ve had for a couple years. it was a find at a thrift store that i spray painted white. while it probably isn’t my first choice (since the style isn’t quite the same as the others), it is huge (probably three feet across) and free.

side view

the other two are from west elm. the white one is their large convex mirror . the other is their portico mirror, which is unfortunately no longer available. i wish it was, so you too can own this gorgeousness.  it looked good online, but in person, even more so. i was perhaps a bit too giddy when taking it out of the packaging.

portico side

the sides are mango wood.

gold inner edge

and the inner edge has an antique brass foil finish.

side view

the mirrors are a vast improvement over the expanse of blank wall before it, but the wall still needs something to be complete.

from dining room

i’m thinking a set of matching lamps and some gorgeous artwork to help fill the wall.

maybe?{wish-i-could-buy paintings via michelle armas, lamps via}

though so insanely gorgeous and sophisticated i can hardly stand it, we’ll see if that ever happens. now that we’re having the little bambino, i think other rooms (i.e. nursery) will be my focus.

do you use mirrors in your decorating? i feel like you can never have too many mirrors – at least one in every room (which i’m still working up to, much to ryan’s dismay).

hope you have a great weekend. i’m off to the shedd aquarium!



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