weekend recap {88!}

i’m a bit late posting this. i blame it on not getting my second trimester energy yet (hello, where are you??). but i figured better late than never, since i wanted to share my pics from sunday. have i mentioned that one of the biggest benefits of blogging for me is that i actually do something with the photos i take? before my blog, i took so many photos, but i can’t tell you the last time i printed them or even uploaded to facebook. my blog gives me a reason and the pressure to actually edit them and share them (which is why you see so many weekend recaps).

anyway. back to the weekend! it was another three dayer, and friday ryan and i hit up the shedd aquarium after candy making and a lunch out. it was cool, but i have to admit, i pouted a little when we were too late to go to the last dolphin show of the day, since the dolphin show was really all i cared about.

beck walk{chilly walk}

oreos{chocolate covered oreos..oh yes i did make another candy}


weird fish

piranha{this glittery fish is a piranha}

green thing

s ray






dolphin{the most i saw of the dolphins}



saturday was the annual cookie making day with my mom and sisters (though jenna couldn’t make it this year, sad face). we make spritz (with the best sprinkle decorations ever) and pecan crescents.





p crescents

beck stool

beck and i

sunday we celebrated my grandpa’s 88th birthday. 88! what an accomplishment.

zach and gma

grandma and grandpa

dad and gma


blow out

sleepy beck

bday table

bday table

hope you had a good one too!

only 4 days till christmas! yikes! i finally finished my buying tonight but still have quite a few to wrap. i’m cutting it a lot closer than usual this year.



3 thoughts on “weekend recap {88!}

  1. Always a fun weekend when we get to spend it with our daughter and favorite son-in-law!! Have a safe trip to St. Louie and give everyone a hug from us!!

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