nye 2011

i cannot believe it’s 2012. i’m sure i will be writing 2011 on checks and things for a good month or so before i get used to it, as usual.

for new years eve we went over to friends’ house for a great party to celebrate. i thought it would be a little tough not drinking on the biggest drinking night of the year, but it really wasn’t bad, especially since there was lots of delicious food to hold me over 🙂


jack and i

hol jack brooke



rita beck

jack{couldn’t you just eat him up?}




ry and i

hol tracey


rita lauren


(these pictures made me realize i do need to get a new point and shoot camera, the iphone camera isn’t cutting it)

2011 was a good year, but i think 2012 will be the best yet, particularly with our expected arrival in june!


p.s. happy birthday to sarah, the best sister-in-law you could ever want!


3 thoughts on “nye 2011

  1. Dear Justine,
    I guess I never told you that I read your blog weekly and LOVE it. Your creativity is so inspiring. Pretty sure I think of you every day Justine and Ryan and love to see how your lives are transforming. God Bless and can’t wait to meet the baby. 🙂

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