the farmhouse dining table

it was previewed in my thanksgiving recap post, but a project of this caliber – a homemade farmhouse table – deserves its own post. finally, over a month later, i officially present  our largest project to date (not counting the baby that isn’t ‘done’ yet):


it was a bit complicated, and because ryan did a lot of steps while i was not there to photograph and write things down, this isn’t a tutorial. but i do have a couple process shots along with (too) many beauty shots.

i designed the table and ryan had the skills to make it happen. while not 100% complete – we need to add some metal bars along the perimeter underneath for support (ignore the temporary wood support) – it is just as we had envisioned, and perhaps even more.

my starting point was this inspiration pic:

farmhouse table inspiration{pinned via amber interiors}

i didn’t see a lot of wood legs i liked and finally decided to mix farmhouse with mid-century modern and ordered hairpin legs from

for the wood, i wanted to stay true to the farmhouse style and use reclaimed wood. we picked out some reclaimed old-growth wood at the rebuilding exchange. it was gray and weathered and imperfect to perfection. ryan cut boards to size and we laid them out to make sure the size was what we needed.


ryan then worked his magic and put together the table with some tongues and grooves (made making lots and lots of cuts with the table saw), glue and brad nails.


makin grooves{making some grooves. lots more cuts to go}

once put together it was much to uneven – we want it to be functional and be able to have wine glasses stay standing, after all – so the day before thanksgiving ryan built a huge jig to router the table smooth.  into the night ryan and my sister-in-law, sarah (and me for like 2 minutes) routed the table smooth. it did take off the gorgeous gray finish of the wood though. while i miss the gray i love having a smooth table even more.



sarah route

debris{it makes quite a mess}

with the gray was gone, i had to come up with a plan b for the table. luckily i actually planned ahead and had ordered liming wax.

put together{before liming wax}

i had never used liming wax before, but ended up loving the white wash effect the wax had. it just looks so…soft.

white wash

{the bench looks great with the table}

bench{love the hairpin table legs and hairpin bench legs. cohesion!}

besides the diy bench, i bought ghost chairs to complete the seating. i love the them – but not as much as the table.

farmhouse table


hairpin leg

tongue and groove

edge{one of my favorite parts is the irregular edge}

table gallery wall

head of the table

gallery wall view{i love this view of my gallery wall + farmhouse table + ghost chairs}

white wash

view from above

i’m not sure how many times i can say ‘love’, but i’ll wrap this post up with two more: i love my table, and i love my husband for his skill in bringing my vision to life.


linked to primitive & proper, southern lovely, thrifty decor chick


38 thoughts on “the farmhouse dining table

  1. Justine, it turned out so beautiful. You and Ryan are a multi-talented team and should go into business. Love the limewax treatment.

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  4. i’ve never hyperventilated before, but i think it is happening now…. heart racing, can’t breathe, because i love it!!! with those chairs and that bench… oh my gawsh!

  5. Looks so fantastic, especially with the ghost chairs!! Love it!! My husband just made our outdoor table (and me!) and legs were the hardest thing to work out!
    I’ve gotta pick out chairs now…it’s hard to come by nice outdoor ones.
    Love the lime wash, it’s exactly what I would’ve done in the same situation!

  6. Amazing table and even better with the chairs and bench! I am so jealous you have the space. My stupid 2-person ikea table follows me year after year…. 😦

    • thanks! some day you’ll be able to get a big table! having space for a table was on my list of priorities for condo and apartment hunting – even though we don’t even eat at our table right now!

  7. I love everything! But where did you find that fabric for the bench it is magnificent! You may have mentioned and I missed it because I was just stunned by the beauty of everything haha.

  8. That is awesome! I’m trying to get up the courage to ask my husband to help my make a new top for our kitchen table. It is a cheap old table and I want to keep the base and add a larger “rustic top.” Anyway love yours and hope can come up with something half as pretty!!

  9. The gallery wall + table + ghost chair combo is stunning. I love it. Fuelling my current fascination with shades of blue too.

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  11. Gorgeous table! My husband is building us a headboard and I want this finish! What liming wax did you use and how did you apply it?

  12. Gorgeous chairs! im visiting you from japan, searching for a good acrylic chairs. where did you get that chair with shield shaped backrest ? Do you know who is the supplier?

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