one year later

one year (and one day) ago i started this blog. my very first post was my resolutions for the year. to take it full circle, i thought i would see how i did with the resolutions and make some for this year.

last year’s:

1. start a blog – that one pretty much got done with the very first post. a+

2. actually do the blog (specific goal: once a week) – i think i can call this one accomplished. not only did i post once a week, most weeks i’ve published two or three. i’m not as consistent as i would like, but i’ll take what i can. a+

3. work out/lose weight –  i was on this like white on rice until memorial day weekend, when we went on vacation and then moved the day after we got back. then i was busy with the house, didn’t have a lot of motivation and then got pregnant and experienced nausea and total exhaustion. i did lose weight, but i never saw my goal weight – which would have been nice before getting pregnant. b-

4. spend wisely/save money  – this one is a bit harder to judge my success. but i’m going to be honest and say that i really was not that successful. while i always look for ways to save money (and do save money), there wasn’t a lot of difference in the the way i spent it. i do really think about something before i buy it, and don’t buy it unless i love it (although i guess i love a lot of things) so that’s something. d (ouch)

beck{a recent pic of beck. just for some eye candy for this post}

now onto this year’s:

1. give birth. let’s start this year’s off with one i know i can (have to) accomplish. still pretty scary though.

2. work out. as mentioned above, i have been a bump on a log recently. i would really like to keep my pregnancy weight gaining under control. as a specific goal, i would like to work out three times per week (let’s be reasonable).

3. take beck on more walks. this will help with resolution #2, and give him more of one of his three favorite things in life (the other two are treats and bites of people food). because of the exhaustion i’ve had my first trimester – and into my second – i have been a bad mother. luckily ryan takes becks on walks. with my energy coming back, i hope i can start to accomplish this now, though the coldness does not help. i plan/hope to not have a problem once the baby comes, because i want to take many walks to loose the baby weight.

4. eat dinner at our new dining room table. we were very good about eating at the table at our last place, but since we moved we’ve been eating college-style at our coffee table. yuck.

5. continue blogging. while it can be a lot of work, i want to continue to blog and try to provide inspiration to others in the projects i do, share what inspires me, and simply write about my daily, normal  life (and as i’ve said before, do something with all the pictures i take).

i can’t let my one year blogging anniversary pass by without a huge thank you to all who read this humble blog of mine. i appreciate every single view of my blog, cherish every comment and feel so happy whenever someone takes the time to tell me that they like my blog. so thank you.



11 thoughts on “one year later

  1. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I read every one and get lots of ideas, inspiration and admire your DIY skills, your cooking, decorating, your photography and overall enthusiasm. Be happy 🙂

  2. i love stopping by your blog and checking out the haps. keep on truckin’ girl! i really need to get better about my blog. i’m super lazy when it comes to keeping it current. i can’t ever think of posts to write about. anyway, good luck with your pregnancy and enjoy this time. 🙂

  3. I LOVE reading your blog. I learn a lot about your weekends, creativity and love how hilarious you are with your writing! Congrats on your one year.

  4. Congratulations on your 1st year of blogging! I’m so proud of you… what can I say, I’m you’re Mom. I enjoy reading this so much more than trying to keep up with your life on facebook. You’re an inspiration to me in so many ways, one of which is following through on with what you start. Selfishly, I hope you keep it up because it’s what I enjoy reading the most when I’m on the computer.

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