house tour: sarah & mike

welcome to my first house tour on you’re so martha! as you must know, i love interior design, and what’s better than seeing beautiful rooms in magazines and online? seeing them in person – and i get to see (and stay in) this gorgeous house whenever we venture down to st. louis to see my sister-in-law sarah, her husband mike and my nephew jimmy.

they purchased this house in august and it was quite the eyesore. despite some telling sarah to forget the house, she knew it was her dream home and proceeded to renovate the house into just that. everything is fresh and airy and simply gorgeous – and i can’t lie, i am totally jealous 🙂

first, a couple befores (taken with ryan’s iphone. if i get more from sarah, i will update the post)

hallway{entry hallway}

kitchen{kitchen. and maybe the first dishwasher ever?}

half bath{first floor bathroom}

master bath{master bath}

and now the gorgeous afters


copper{love the copper}

entry{entry hallway, after}

door knob

dining room{dining room}

table{the table is gorgeous. one of a kind, and the top is wrapped in metal}

chandy{the chandelier sarah transformed from gold to silver with rub ‘n buff}

dining room {dining room – and play area – from kitchen}


kitchen{kitchen, after}


stove{a closer look at the amazing stove that they got for an amazing deal. i am most jealous of this stove}

to breezeway{looking into the breezeway, connecting the kitchen and garage}


back{back deck}

half bath{first floor bathroom, after}

family room{family room}

family room{i am obsessed with the ottoman, it’s my dream}

master bath{master bath, after}

master bath sinks

gorgeous, right? i think my favorite parts are obviously the stove and the ottoman, but also the little things like the door knobs, white subway tile, and penny tiles in the master bath shower.

can you believe those before and afters? sarah did a fantastic job. are you as in love with it as i am? also feeling some jealousy? what are you favorite parts?

*update: sarah posted more before pics (with afters) here*



11 thoughts on “house tour: sarah & mike

  1. Thanks for posting Tina! Sorry I forgot to send you pictures. My mind has been a little preoccupied packing three people and a dog for our trip. My favorite picture is the after of the downstairs bathroom-can you tell who used it last??? See you in three days!

    • no worries! ryan had some – but the best part anyway is the afters. and, you need to train ryan about the toilet seat. but when we have a kid i’m sure he’ll figure it out!

  2. I could just move in to this house! I am obsessed with chandeliers so I love that she has not one but two (that we can see at least). Besides that, I love the cool colors and the pops of color (yellow vase!). I think her house is the perfect blend of being absolutely gorgeous but still remaining kid-friendly. I die.

    • rub ‘n buff is amazing!! i’ve used it for picture frames and hooks, and also seen it used on everything from chandeliers (obviously), ottomans (not sure how it would hold up) and beyond. like my sister-in-law sarah said, “this stuff is made of magic!”

  3. Trust me, the house is beautiful, warm and inviting! Sarah and Mike put it all together with love and patience! Sarah it shows how much effort went into all the decorating! You did such a fabulous job! The house is now a Home!

  4. Simply gorgeous! My favorite parts — the stove, of course and the entry chandelier. Also love the quality craftsmanship that you rarely see these days as shown by the real wood doors and the classic handles (which probably were like the originals) and the crown molding. Nicely done!

  5. wow i want to live in that house! so beautiful i love the entire color palette and all that goes with the home from the outside front to the back porch and ohhhhhh viking stove, come to me! (well brian as he does the cooking but i’m sure it would be sweet for my baking too!) i, too, DIE. so jealous!

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