oh canada {part one}

we are back from our week-long trip to canada. being on vacation is great, but it can feel so nice to just get home – especially to reunite with your dog who you missed every day (seriously. are we pathetic? how will we ever leave our human child?).

of course i took tons of photos, so i’ll split up the description of our trip and photos into a couple posts.

we flew to vancouver saturday morning on a four+ hour flight, then took a three-hour bus trip through gorgeous scenery to finally reach our destination – whistler.  our hotel/condo was in the best location of the village – it was directly at the base of the mountains, a 30 second walk from the lifts. the views were incredible, from the top of blackcomb and whistler mountains all the way down to the base. we enjoyed some skiing (the same mountains olympians skied on in 2010), walks and shopping along the adorable village  and good old fashioned relaxing (i read a total of 4 books for the week-long trip!).  the downsides of whistler were the extreme coldness (it was in-the-negatives cold, colder than normal), some pain from crappy ski boots and only so-so food that was marked up a ton. overall whistler was a gorgeous place with great skiing – and it was great spending all the time with my sister-in-law, sarah, and her husband, mike.



room view{view from room}

hotel {hotel on right, gondolas and mountain directly behind}

ryan and i lift

sarah and mike

sar mike ry


top of blackcomb


ryan and i rings

lunch view{view during lunch}




peak to peak{the peak 2 peak gondola route. it’s the world’s longest and tallest, from blackcomb mountain to whistler mountain. eeek – but amazing views. and convenient.}


p2p view

mike and i



gray{it even looks as cold as it was}


snowboarding{ryan trying snowboarding}



gorgeous, right? you don’t see those views every day.

oh! i also took a couple videos. the first is ryan snowboarding the last hill of the mountain, and the other was taken while skiing (down a almost level run).

i’ll be back with more pics and highlights from our stay in vancouver.

have you ever been to whistler? where’s your favorite skiing? or do you prefer a beach (like me, not gonna lie)?



3 thoughts on “oh canada {part one}

  1. I have never skied but reading this makes me want to go to Whistler if just to drink hot chocolate and read. The view from your room is lovely!

    We are the same way about Ellie. We just spent 2 weeks in Paris for a late honeymoon and were both so ready to come back and see her.

    Can’t wait to find out if you’re having a boy or girl! I’ve held off mailing your card until I can get a gift!

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