it’s a ….

we had our 20 week (!) ultrasound this morning. everything is looking good, and we’re still on track for our  june 15th due date. finding out that our little nugget is healthy and developing was our number one goal, but we were also thrilled to find out that we’re having a…


ryan and i are very very excited to meet this little man in 20 weeks. 20 weeks! it seems so far away though i’m sure it will fly by.

now the planning can begin! there’s so much to do. choosing a name! the nursery! sewing projects! painting! shopping! oh, and finding child care – i feel like i’m already behind on that one. expect my pinterest account to be very active, especially with nursery ideas. first on the list is a crib, and then the color scheme. i will keep you updated, of course 🙂

profile(how adorable is that nose!)


happy happy wednesday! (this may be a record use of exclamation points)




10 thoughts on “it’s a ….

  1. So happy for you! Those are both very clear ultrasounds! I have already said it but your baby boy is going to have the BEST nursery!

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