oh canada {part two}

{read part one here}

after 5 days/nights in whistler, we took another long bus ride back to vancouver. i wasn’t feeling well for some reason, but the gorgeous views of water, mountains and even glaciers helped take my mind off it (a little). luckily i was feeling better when we got there so i could fully enjoy the two days we had. after we got situated in the hotel, we explored a bit of what vancouver had to offer. we had lunch overlooking the harbor and then took a short bus ride to stanley park where we took a walk to see the totem poles. since it was cold, that was about all we spent time sightseeing in the park, but i can image stanley park is amazing in the summertime. per the recommendation of a local, that night we had dinner at vij’s – amazing. the next day was spent shopping around granville island, in the rain. if you go to vancouver, this is a must-go. there are so many cute, unique shops and the food at the market is pretty to look at but also good. we then took the aquabus, which was the cutest little boat ever, from the island to yaletown where we had refuge from the rain in a starbucks (so touristy, i know) and then enjoyed our last dinner of the trip at rodney’s oyster house, per another local’s recommendation. i don’t eat oysters (and can’t), but everyone else was raving on and on about their quality, freshness and taste. the next morning we bid adieu to the great city, which i imagine is even greater without rain and cold.




ry and i



mike and sarah

me in tree


room view

pool and hot tub{ryan’s favorite: a hotel pool and hot tub}

granville market{granville island market}





soap gallery

soap{all soap}


aquabus{you can’t really tell, but this boat is tiny}

boat{i’m on a boat…or aquabus}

rainy city


oyster prep{shucking fresh oysters right at the bar}


sarah and mike


it was a great week-long trip, and i discovered that canada is cold (though i already knew that) and beautiful, and the people are extremely friendly.

have you ever been to vancouver? i definitely recommend it, though in the summertime where you can really experience all the city has to offer (without rain and coldness).

have a great weekend.



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