nursery to-do list

it’s time for another list! you know i love them. this time it’s the nursery edition. i’ve already been pinning ideas like crazy, but with only 4 months to go, it’s time to make decisions and start doing!

my first list is the nursery decisions i have to make. just as much as i like making lists, i hate making decisions. deciding to have a baby is just one (large) decision, but after that there’s a million decisions, big and small, to drive someone like me crazy with indecision. but! it has to get done, and here’s my list to drive me into action.

decisions to make/things to buy

  • decide on and order crib (holy moly i can’t make a decision on this. but my self-imposed deadline to order is feb 15)
  • decide on and order glider
  • find rug and order
  • buy a dresser (i have had my eye on the edland dresser at ikea for months now) (will also be used as a changing table) (paint?)
  • find fabric and order- this will finally determine the color scheme
  • choose light gray paint color

cribs{all images from my pinterest page}

dressermy second to-do list is things i want to make myself for the nursery. it might be a bit ambitious, since i haven’t picked out any fabric yet, but of course i have to make things (with love…aww) for my little man, and for things such as the bedding i haven’t been able to find what i’ve envisioned.

things to make

  • sheets
  • bed skirt
  • bumper (it will complete the look, but i know it has to come out of the crib until sids risk is over.)
  • boppy pillow cover(s)
  • mobile (or buy from etsy)
  • burp cloths
  • blanket
  • pennant banner
  • pillow(s)
  • art


here’s what i have decided on: i will be painting the walls a light gray, as i love gray and it’s a neutral color that we hopefully won’t have to repaint (since we’re renting)

here’s where i think i’m headed: a nautical ‘overtone’ (not theme – just overall feeling and accents here and there. i really don’t want it cheesy) with navy, white, maybe orange, maybe teal. stripes, maybe seersucker. and throw in a whale and an anchor or two…but we’ll see if i change my mind 🙂

looks like i will be busy ‘nesting’ the next 4 months. which also means content for the blog – hope you like nursery and baby posts. i better get busy!

(and not include on the nursery lists above are things like painting the room, signing up for-and taking- a birthing class and finding daycare (no small feat, and i’m very nervous about it))


p.s. happy birthday to my daddy-o!


10 thoughts on “nursery to-do list

  1. I love all your ideas! Your to-do sewing list makes my head spin though. Enjoy this pregnancy and the little time you have left before the baby comes. You’ll need all the rest you can get before your little bundle of love sucks all your energy and time.

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